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Contact Information

If you wish to contact St Charles Home & School, you may do so by email at  stcharleshomeandschool@gmail.com or alternatively you may leave a message by calling the school @ 514.626.0480.

If you wish to contact any of the executives directly, you may do so at:

Name Role Email
Kendra Mack Co-President trilynflare@gmail.com
Donna Coelho Co-President mjcoelho1981@gmail.com
Julianne Read Co-Vice President julianneread@yahoo.com
Elena Iftime Co-Membership Chair elenaiftime37@gmail.com
Debbi Marsellos Co-Membership Chair christine@hamaker.net
Maureen Koggel Secretary mkoggel@videotron.ca
Maureen Testa Co-Treasurer maureen.testa@sympatico.ca
Debbi Marsellos Co-Treasurer marsellos@yahoo.com
Julianne Read Co-Treasurer julianneread@yahoo.com
Anna Tataris Co-Treasurer a_tataris@yahoo.com
Caroline Veillette Allocation Coordinator loshawfamily@hotmail.com
Karla Roldan Newsletter karlaroldanfraga@gmail.com
Stefanie Kulisz Volunteer Coordinator stefanie_kulisz@hotmail.com





4331 Ste-Anne, Pierrefonds, QC   514-626-0480

“Knowledge is the key.”