Home & School - Frequently Asked Questions


What does H&S stand for?

H&S is the abbreviation for Home & School. More specifically, at our school we refer to it as St. Charles H&S.

What does QFHSA stand for?

QFHSA is the abbreviation for the Quebec Federation of Home & School Associations.


What is the QFHSA’s mission?

The QFHSA is an independent, incorporated not for profit volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing the education and general well being of children and youth. The QFHSA promotes the involvement of parents, students, educators and the community at large in the advancement of learning and acts as a voice for parents. 


Why did St. Charles form a Home & School Association?

Home & School operates as a separate entity allowing us to keep “OUR MONEY in OUR SCHOOL for OUR CHILDREN” As a member of the QFHSA we benefit from the ability to manage our own funds and ascertain that the funds we raise will be used for their intended purposes for the benefit of the students at St. Charles. 


What are some of the other reasons why St. Charles formed a Home & School?

  • Low cost workshops offered by the QFHSA.
  • Stay connected with H&S meeting minutes and agenda sent directly to you.
  • Home & School Newsletters from QFHSA.
  • Tax receipts for members who donate to our school for amounts $20 or more.


What is the raison d’être of the Home & School?

The raison d’être of the St. Charles Home & School is not any different from that of the Parent Participatory Organization (PPO). The St. Charles Home & School works in collaboration with the staff, the principal, and the Governing Board to help improve the quality of our children’s school life. With the support of the community and the staff, we are able to fundraise for all the events and activities that help to make the St. Charles school experience a wonderful one both academically and socially.

What is the Red Mailbox?

The Red Mailbox is located near the front office. All monies and/or forms should be placed in an envelope and labelled “Red Mailbox” along with your child’s name and purpose (Pizza, TCBY, Subway, BBQ, etc.). This ensures that the envelope which your child will hand in to their teacher will end up in the Red Mailbox. All other envelopes or information that is not requested to be returned to the Red Mailbox should be labelled as well (Hot Lunch, After School Activities, etc.) All daycare correspondence, ped day forms and cheques regarding the daycare must be handed in directly to the daycare staff. 



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